Aladeen Framework

Aladeen breaks new grounds

Aladeen: The best developer framework by far
The (Altagena Application Developement Engine) develops fast and offers an ideal solution for the professional development of web applications.

Advantages of Aladeen at one glance:

  • Data is stored consistent in the database

  • Easy layout adaptions

  • Easy translations (multilingual versions)

  • PHP Portal solution is executable from CD-ROM and USB Stick (e. g. for demonstrations on exhibitions).

  • Extensions can be added easily[li]
    [li]Data adjustments can be done directly in the database. No additional programming is required.

  • Crypted versionen for customers and partners are possible

  • Completly programmed with PHP5, even the template language is PHP: So all the functionalitiy of PHP5 can be used

Free for all

The Aladeen Framework is licensed as OpenSource LGPL and can be used for open and closed source projects by everybody. Unfortunately we cannot provide the download of the framework at the moment, but you can request the complete source code. Just send an e-mail request.

Simplified administration: realized by the Aladeen Portaladmin!

Especially for the framework we have created an user interface that allows to configure the most important functions of the framework with a few mouse clicks. That means no more circumstantial configuring of the database.
The portal administration, also created with the Aladeen framework, can be adopted to meet customer requirements completely. It can even be upgraded in a way, to have the function of a full IDE for the development of web applications.

For more information you can contact us by phone or e-mail. We are looking forward to hear from you!