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With our Event-Finder you are always up to date regarding events in your region and across Germany or the lunch menu at your restaurant around the corner. With you always know whatīs going on.

Event-Finder: Press release

Altagenaīs goes online
Altagena GmbH informs that, the well-known event search engine for the Rhein-Neckar region is online again. The website has been completely redesigned and reorganized. all across Germany
Whereas the old Event-Finder website contained only events from Mannheim, Heidelberg and Ludwigshafen, now you can search for events and locations all across Germany. The data maintainance ist done by event scouts, who can enter actual data on their own. A premium bonus system encourages them to administrate the data regularly.

What do you have for lunch today?
For all of you, who donīt know what to have for lunch today or those who are fed up with their company canteen, this is the rescue. offers the unique possibility to search for menus of the day all across the country. Pub and restaurant owners enter their menus on their own and attract customers by doing so. At the same time users of have the possibility to take a quick overview regarding lunch menus in their neighbourhood. This is ideal for people, who are indecisive in the question of where to go for lunch today.

The considerable search functions on our website allow to search within a certain region or city. The circumference for the search is adjustable, so a great choice of events, locations an lunch menus is guaranteed.

The commentary function enables the user to give a feedback for an event or a lunch. Further discussions can be resumed in the forum.

More benefits for everyone
In the near future further services for the system are planned.
A localized SMS service, for example, which allows you, to be informed about the night life in your area. You can even upload pictures of events and locations.

Pub owners have the possibility to upload their events, locations and lunch menus. for a monthly charge of 5 Euro you can upload an unlimited number of lunch menus and design them with your personal template.

Aladeen ist the basis
The project has been developed completely with help of the Aladeen Webdevelopment framework, which is also an Open Source project of altagena GmbH.