Software Demos

more convincing than screenshots

Not only SAP has won new customers with our software demos.

We offer demos for all kinds of fields, online demos as well as offline demos. Convince your customers with a software demo from altagena GmbH and rely on more than simple screenshots.

Acquiring customers with software demos

Software demos are professional way of winning new customers.
The software demos are perfect to be used at exhibitions and fairs.

Instead of presenting simple screenshots, let your customers “play around” with your software.
There is no need of setting up a live system. Your potential customer can make any changes to the system and at the next start of the demo everything is back to default.
It´s as simple as that!

Our software demos act always like a production system– no matter at what time you execute them. You always have the actual data, dynamically processed time intervals and up-to-date information – without extensive data administration.

Interactive prototypes

Convince not only your customers, but also yourself!

You have ideas and visions for future features of your software?
According to your ideas, we will implement the new features in the demo. So your customers can see today what the software product will be like in the future and what possibilities it will offer.

Sales support with little time and effort

Your sales department will be pleased too. Never again they have to install a live system for a fair or a product presentation. All they have to do, is to insert a CD and start the demo. Task accomplished!

No software configuring is necessary, because the demo runs “out of the box”. It´s ready without the help of the user.

The operativeness of the system from a CD has been proved not only at fairs.
You can even give the software away, e. g. on a CD-ROM or a USB Stick. The customer can test the software in his company and distribute it to other managers. By this your software is being promoted and the customer’s decision for your software comes faster.

Roles instead of products

With a software demo you can show the customer not only the product features, but address the different roles in a company. With the help of a role-specific demo you can visualize the various views within a company – i. e. the customer sees the different presentations and navigations between managers and employees.

Contact us today and we well send you an offer without engagement for a demo of your software. Just send us your screenshots an we´ll build you a demo.