altagena GmbH

The company is an internationally active offerer of software and services in the range of Web-based applications.

The GmbH was founded in August 2003 by Thomas Marx and Corinna Ohrmann.

The main office is located in Mannheim, Germany, all our business processes and customer relationships are controlled from there.

The company consists of a high-motivated and dynamic team of young specialists. The experience, resulting out of long years of working together with international market leaders are reflecting within our flexibility, dependability and creativity.

By finishing the developement and with the first release of our portal framework (Aladeen), altagena GmbH shows a first framework on base of PHP5 on the market.

Together we are strong

The team of altagena GmbH has the knowledge and the know-how from the different areas of the software branch.

The company climate inside the altagena GmbH is creative, dependable and motivated and affects the results of our work positively.

Our experiences and knowledge on the BWL sector make the fusion possible of requirements of users with software, which illustrate processes in the company. With us the economical background is at all available to be able to realize such applications from the beginning.